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Holiday house for rent

If any of you have family or friends coming to Victoria to visit you, we’re renting our house for the next four months through AirBnb. The link is here – Thanks,...
Posted by Mark Deleeuw in The Table
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This Tuesday! Beacon Hill Picnic

Hey everybody! Tomorrow night we’re going to have a picnic in Beacon Hill Park! We’ll meet at the Petting Zoo and 6:30 and find a good spot to blanket down...
Posted by Kyle Wheeler in BeaconHill
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South Table Food Teams

If you’re in the North, you can disregard this message.  If you’re in the South, please take this into consideration. I’m sure you’ve heard that we’re...
Posted by Kyle Wheeler in The Table
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Communication on The City

Hey everyone!  I know the City is a bit of a user experience nightmare, but for a church with so many moving parts, communication is a necessity. We aren’t using...
Posted by Kyle Wheeler in The Table
Comment from Hannah Relleve:

Really helpful.  Thanks Kyle!

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